Navigation is now available at Dacia with MEDIA NAV: a complete multimedia system, combining simplicity and a wide variety of features at a very competitive price.

Simple and intuitive, with its 7" (18cm) touch screen, MEDIA NAV allows you easy access to a  six page menu of features: radio, media, phone, map, navigation and settings.

Call hands-free and listen to your music via mobile audio streaming through the Bluetooth ® connectivity.  Connect your mobile to the USB / jack on the front.

MEDIA NAV provides reliable  quality navigation based on internationally recognized partners: NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map data, Nav N Go, a major market for GPS navigation software, and LG, among the world leaders electronic systems, information and telecommunications.


Display your stations

With MEDIA NAV, you can easily find all your favourite radio stations by browsing with the touch screen or via the steering wheel controls.  Stations can be listed alphabetically or by wavelength for ease of use.

Save up to 24 stations 

You can save up to 24 stations (12 FM, 12 AM) as presets in two clicks.

When listening, MEDIA NAV displays any information broadcast by the radio station such as: song title, artist name and next information coming.

Set your radio 

Travel comfortably: MEDIA NAV automatically keeps you tuned to the same station if the frequency changes as you travel.  In addition, thanks to RDS, you can receive regular traffic alerts to keep you informed on your journey.


Recharge your mobile 

You can connect your MP3 player or smartphone to the USB jack to recharge your device on the go.  When connected by USB, MEDIA NAV automatically detects it and can display album artwork.


Call hands free 

With the integrated Bluetooth ® technology, MEDIA NAV allows you to make hands-free calls and syncs your address book and call history.

Use your phonebook

Once your phone is paired, contacts are transferred via Bluetooth ® to the system directory of your MEDIA NAV.  You can then scroll through your contacts or search by name.

Identify your contacts 

When you receive a call, the Home screen will display all available caller information: phone number and contact name if the number is saved.

Compatible Phones

Dacia has tested the operational and acoustic compatibility of a large number of telephones on the market with its multimedia system. From these tests, we have produced a compatibility list, which gives advice of 'recommended' telephones that can be used.  The presence of more comfort-related functions, like the transfer of telephone memories may vary from one telephone to another.

Some phones are not compatible with the hands-free system and do not enable you to use all of the available functions or do not provide the best sound quality. Check the lists given below to see compatible phones.

>R-PLUG&RADIO (R0-10 1DIN)                           >R-PLUG&RADIO (R0-10 2DIN)

>MEDIANAV                                                   >MEDIANAV EVOLUTION


Keep it simple 

With MEDIA NAV, you can receive route directions in Navigation mode or just see where you are in Map mode.

Map mode displays nearby points of interest and favourites and will display the speed limit for the road.

Navigation mode gives you the route to your destination and can be set by address, point of interest, points on a map or GPS coordinates. 

Choose between 2D and 3D Birdview 

With a simple click of the screen you can switch between 2D or 3D map view, turn on voice guidance or change the display zoom.  MEDIA NAV can also show alternative routes and allow you to choose the fastest, shortest or most economical.

Enrich your content 

By using the dedicated web interface (, you can download updates and purchase new maps which can be installed through the USB port on MEDIA NAV.


Adjust the sound 

You can move the sound focal point to the desired area of the vehicle and adjust the bass, midrange and treble levels with the intuitive settings interface.

1, 2, 3 pair

It takes only a few clicks of your mobile to become paired by Bluetooth ®.

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